You Can Learn WordPress Today!

Create awesome websites using WordPress, the #1 CMS in the world! Learn how to do this in a step by step video lesson series, available only here, at "I Can Learn This Thing!". Learn at your own pace with support from me, James Andrew Sancimino, the creator of this website and Video Lesson Course.

  • 28 Video Lessons

    Many lessons have downloadable PDFs that compliment the Lesson

  • Learn how to Install WordPress

    Also learn how to install the database for WP.

  • Create Page & Posts

    Plus, set up custom menus, plugins, SEO, ping optimizer and more.

  • Questions? Contact the Author

    Drop me a line if you need assistance with any of the lessons.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the Video Lessons work?

Once you purchase the Learn WordPress Course, you'll be automatically sent to the Course main page. There, you can simply click on a Video Lesson link and you'll be taken to that Lesson. The Lessons are Chronological, so you won't have any doubt which Lesson to start off with!

What if I want to skip to a Certain Lesson?

Simply click that Video Lesson and start viewing it.

What if I have a question or don't understand something within a Video Lesson?

If you have a question or need assistance with any of the Video Lessons, simply Contact Me, the author of this course, James Sancimino, using my Contact Form located here.

How much will this cost?

The full Learn WordPress Course is only a one time price of $29.00! This is for a lifetime access/membership to this Course!

Can I Purchase the Course with PayPal?

Yes, you most certainly can!

Will you be adding any new lessons from time to time in this Course?

Yes and you'll automatically have access to the new Lesson from the moment I publish it within this Course! No extra charge!

Sample Video Lesson

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