Hello and Welcome to “I Can Learn This Thing”! My name is James Sancimino. I am a web designer/developer. I have over 10 years experience.

I created this website because, for years now, I have observed that many people would like to have a central location, like a website, to learn something in the comfort of their own home. Problem is, they can’t find a quality website that will not cost them an small fortune to learn!

wordpress-cool-logoWell here it is! My first lesson series is “Learn WordPress Video Course“.  Learn more about it here. In this video course, you will learn WordPress (a website content management system) from the ground up. The video lessons are easy to follow. I have made it very reasonable to purchase with immediate access to the lessons!

Hope you’ll seriously consider these lessons if you ever wanted to learn WordPress or just want to master something new! Then drop me a line or two and tell me about your progress or if you need help with any of the video lessons.

Here is a sample video:

In the near future I’ll be releasing “Learn Joomla!”